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Sacred Bathing

Sacred Bathing: A Gift to Yourself

As a healer who works with energy as well as the physical world, I must have an effective cleansing practice. This involves clearing the space in which I work, cleaning my clothes and most importantly cleaning myself. Physically this is as mundane as having a shower. Energetically it requires a little intention.

What is intention? Jess A. and I were talking about this the other day. For us we have an underlying intention or what I call a clear thought—that the work we do is to serve the highest good of all involved and to harm none. Before I ever lay a hand on someone during a shiatsu, reiki session or birth, before I even ask my first question during a flower essence consult—I breathe deep and hold this clear thought in my head and heart. In Chinese medicine it is said that Qi flows where the mind goes. So always at the beginning of any act of healing is the setting of our mind/thought/intention.

A sacred bath is a bath or shower which is done with specific intention & the support of herbs, essences, crystals and /or candles. You can use whatever you have to hand, really to support the intention. Don’t be worried about having special tools—magic happens in every day life with simple things. Ceremony comes from inside, not the stuff we have outside. The intention here is to wash away any negative energy that you may have picked up, had dumped on you or for whatever reason has stuck to your auric field like cat hair on a favourite coat. It is also to take responsibility for any personal energy that you may have left with someone else (on purpose or not as the case may be). This kind of cleaning feels light and taps into our spiritual integrity.

This full moon and upcoming winter Solstice is the perfect time to treat yourself to a sacred bath. Letting go of what no longer serves you, sparkling up your energetic field and calling your energy back to your core so you can start the new year whole and energized.

Now with a 10 month old baby I’ve got to book in time for a bath these days—so I know what it is like to juggle things—but I promise this is worth it!!! If you don’t have a bath you can do this in the shower, the intention is the same.

Step 1. Heat a pot of water on the stove & add to it fresh herbs, dried herbs, flowers, essential oils, flower essences etc. If you have older children, they can help choose what goes in the pot—they often know what mommy needs. Here are some suggestions: fresh basil, mint, rosemary, sage, raspberry leaves, rue, lavender, citrus fruits/peels, cinnamon sticks—your spice rack and garden are your friends here. Bring this to a boil and add a small shot of red wine. There is an energetic property of the wine that fixes the brew—but it isn’t essential so if you don’t have it or want it leave it out. Once boiled let the mixture cool slightly.

I like to bundle these herbs into a cheese cloth so they are easy to pick out of the tub and don’t clog the drain (learned that one the hard way!). Here’s one I made earlier:


Step 2. Make your space sacred, have a quick tidy, smudge with sage or sacred wood smoke (I like Santo Palo, find out more here: And have a quick shower so you are clean.

Step 3: Draw yourself a lovely hot bath. Take your pot of herbs and either add to into your bath or carefully stand in your bath/shower and gently pour the slightly cooled water over your head (please make sure the temperature is okay for you before you do this. Do Not Pour Boiling Water Over Your Head!!). You can use the herbs to brush your skin and hair.

Step 4: As you soak in the tub or shower, breath deep and really connect in with this body you have. Be in your body, wholly and completely. Set your clear intention to clean and clear on all levels. You can ask for guidance from your helpful healing guides, spirits, angels, power animals or whomever you usually pray to. As you soak feel the herbs helping you to gently release with love and kindness any energy that doesn’t belong to you. You may even feel the need to say out loud that you are releasing any energy that does not belong to you. Be gentle but firm. Don’t judge any images that pop into your head, just let them go, little bubbles bursting into light. Allow yourself to enjoy the space you have now that you are not holding onto stuff that doesn’t belong to you.

Step 5. Now take a few minutes to enjoy this light feeling. Breathe deep and stay connected to your body. Now is the time to call back your own energy. Feel it spooling into you, refilling your inner sparkle and light. This energy is yours and belongs to you. With kindness and love, allow yourself to be whole, spirit and body connected. You may even feel the need to say out loud: I call back all of my energy with love and kindness. Be gentle but firm—you need to mean it. Again don’t judge yourself or any images or feelings that come up. This is just energy, not good or bad. Be kind to yourself in this moment and enjoy the feeling of wholeness and contentment.

Step 6. Stay in the bath as long as you can and enjoy!!!! I like to do a chakra scan at this point and a little meditation just to check in with where I’m at, but you can just chill and enjoy the bath. We don’t always have to do, we can just be .

Step 7. Once you are out, take it easy. Any kind of clearing out like this can take a little getting used to. Rest if you need to rest (I find it makes me a bit sleepy). Eat well, nourish yourself body and soul. Don’t go out and watch a bunch of violent movies or be around intense people. You’ve just cleaned yourself out of all that junk—don’t go putting it back in. Let the experience settle and fortify you.

Now—this can be done with loads of intention but you can take short cuts if it means doing over not doing it. Have fun, keep it light. And this counts as impeccable self care, so you get a gold star—if you keep track of things like that.