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Welcome to Sacred Essence!

This will be an online webinar on Flower Essences. Flower essences are a fantastic tool for birth work, healing work and simple daily life. They have no contraindications and can be used by anyone. In this class we will take you through each step in the process from learning to listen to and work with plants, to making your own essence. The class includes audio, video, specially designed pdf’s and materials.

  You will be invited to a private FB group upon signing up and will get a ‘supplies’ list so you will have everything you need to take essences forward in your work and life.   Flower Essences are one of the oldest forms of medicine. They have been used all over the world in traditional medicine practices, from using the dew from plants in the medieval period to more modern Dr. Bach or the use of flowers in drinking water & baths in Asia.  In this 3 week class you will answer the call of the wild, stepping into conversation with nature and your spirit.   Essences speak directly to the Spirit. They have the potential to sooth and nourish but also to shake things loose mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically. Take this subtle but powerful tool into your work & life today.   We give you a well-rounded class, teaching you all the basics to start using flower essences in any aspect of your life and work. Join Jessica + Jessica of Soul Tree Essences for this amazing training and brand new program in the Sacred Living Movement! Details:  *Date: September 5th, 2014 (3 weeks long) *Price: $100. *Afterward you will get a certificate of Flower Essence Training Completion  

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We are excited to announce our newest program in the Sacred Living Movement...


Take a look at the Deep Drink of Sacred Essence!
Week 1: Sacred Space: Nature
This week is all about learning to talk to plants, listening with our other ears, seeing with our other eyes.

Week 1 Flowers : Rescue Flowers
White Lotus, Hawthorn, Pear Blossom, Star of Bethlehem, Yarrow

Week 1 : Activities

Barefoot Breathing
Meditating with a flower/plant
Taking this weeks essence
Making your first essence

Week 1  : Natural Art Expression

Sacred Vase + plant inspiration board + other ears
Week 2: Deepening The Practice
This week we build on the essence making and learn to charge in moonlight and with astrological & seasonal events. We also explore vibration a key to essences. 

Week 2 Flowers : Balancing Flowers

Gardenia, Sage, Self Heal, Pink Cherry Blossom, Iris

Week 2 : Activities
Working with the moon, the sun and the calendar
Playing with vibration: Dr. Emoto, messages in water & the composition of tears
Experiment with Emoto’s work
Using Photo Cards
Exploring ways to take and use essences
Project bottle your essence & make a room/auric mister.
Taking this weeks essence

Week 2 : Natural Art Expression

Fractals + New arrangement in sacred vase
Week 3: Our Wild Sweet Nature

This week we bring it together and practice using essences with people in our lives. We explore the meaning of color and how it can influence issues in our life. And practice more tools to take essences into your practice.
Week 3 Flowers : Our Many Colors

Red Rose, Orange Lily , Wild Strawberry, Periwinkle, Honeysuckle

Week 3 : Activities
Using essences with children, animals & in your life
Playing with chakras & color
Tuning in with colors & feelings
Taking this weeks essence

Week 3 : Natural Art Expression:

Wild and Still + Mandala + Finish working with Inspiration Board
***Bonus Essences Some of Our Faves!!! Looking at Gems, Environmental Essences and Combinations
A little look at working with crystals, the environment & combinations. Taking Essence making to the next level!

Chrysocolla, Kunzite, Black Tourmaline, The Goddess Awakens, Mother Rose, Heart Heal

Supply List